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Rochelles New Beginings

Great place for great shoes

Hey, Just another web site belonging to the sexually confused. Glad you could come and share some time with me, Can be a lonely life if you let it, filled with confusion and guilt. I have been doing this a long time and have just recently discovered that it should not make you feel bad, guilty and or confused.

Here you find out why a Web site: Got tired of hidding in the dark..Afterall I have been out like this so why hide now. My family knows but does not approve and thats there choice.  I was brought out by a very good shrink (couldn't spell Phsyc) and very close and supportive friend. Without them I would still be in the closet.

Thanks Kathy and Elayne!

Here you will find pictures of Rochelle in all her radient beauty, try not to faint. This is as good as it gets ladies and gentlemen. And plastic surgery is not an option.

Photo Album


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site. I would love to here from you mailto:rfascherl@hotmail.com